Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dry Pack Canning at Super Saturday

Alright here is some of the long awaited information for Super Saturday. We have arranged to have the church’s dry pack canning machine on Saturday. We are hoping that this will help the families get some of there food storage items organized and properly sealed etc.
Some items are not recommended for dry pack canning as they either have too high of a moisture content or are items that should be rotated more frequently and therefore would be better off in another type of container.
The items that are not recommended for dry pack canning are as follows:
Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Brown Rice
Brown Sugar
Chewy dehydrated fruit
Dried Eggs
Dried Meat
Milled grain cereal
Mixes containing leavening (such as pancake or biscuit mix)
Nuts (roasted or raw)
Pearled Barley
Whole wheat flour

The cans need to be ordered in advance, so here is a general idea of what would fill a can.

10 kg of rice should fill 3.9 cans.
10 kg of flour should fill 4.6 cans.
10 kg of sugar should fill 3.6 cans.

It should be noted that the canner is available to be borrowed by families as well, so if you are unable to participate on Super Saturday you would still be able to can some of your products from home. No products are allowed into the cannery and so this is a good way to seal any items that you may have.

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