Monday, September 21, 2009

More Super Saturday

Oven in a Bucket $25
I have to say, don't let the photos deceive you...we are not making a potty! This is called an oven bucket. It's purpose is to be used in emergency situations. If you remember last year at Super Saturday we made Wonder Boxes, these are a similar idea. The main difference being that wonder boxes need outside heat source and these supply the heat source. The oven in a bucket is not intended to be used for foods that just need to be heated (soup, pasta, oatmeal etc.). The oven in a bucket retains its heat for several hours and is best to be used when making things like beans that need to be cooked for a long time in order to be eaten.
This item takes at least an hour to make so please make sure you plan for that so that you can complete all you projects in the given time. Also the bucket does not include the denatured alcohol or the pot that you will need to cook with.
Canning with #10 Cans $1.20
Bring either food storage items from home to be put in cans or else creative gifts. I will post more on this a little later in the week.

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